In this introductory Product Tour Intro video, we will cover the following topics:

  • 360 Subscription Billing History
  • 360SB Verticals / Industries
  • 360SB Key Features
  • Managing and creating 360SB Contracts/Subscriptions from native NetSuite Transactions
  • 360SB NetSuite Dashboard & Preferences
  • 360SB Customer Contracts & Related records

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Below is a summary transcript of the Product Tour introductory video:

  • 360 Subscription Billing has been a native NetSuite SuiteApp since 2012 and SDN Built For NetSuite verified since 2015. Today, the platform has expanded beyond NetSuite into Salesforce. Even more features and automations are added over multiple upgrade releases per year.
  • 360 Subscription Billing can be utilized in many recurring billing / recurring revenue verticals – notably: SaaS, Managed Services, IoT, Recurring Inventory, Property Management and more! 360SB has specialized features for IoT and Recurring Inventory business models.
  • As you will see, 360 Subscription Billing is arguably more native to NetSuite Sales to Cash transactions than any other contract management or subscription / recurring billing solution available.
  • 360SB supports the highest possible volume of invoicing transactions while keeping everything within NetSuite. Aligns very well with Salesforce, especially CPQ – and has an extension on SF AppExchange.
  • Optional add-ons to the core SuiteApp include the 360SB Salesforce App and Connector, for a fully managed connection between Salesforce and NetSuite with 360SB.
  • You will see a brief demonstration of the NetSuite SuiteApp, including some of the bundled reports, KPIs, etc.
  • As displayed on a NetSuite homepage dashboard, you can gain significant Business Intelligence just by using 360SB.
  • You will see an example 360SB Contract, as well as touching upon many other related records that are part of 360SB.
  • There are other more in-depth videos on this website Product Tour, click the link above or at the end of this video.

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