Why Choose NetSuite Subscription Billing with 360SB?

Our connector is the best-in-class way to manage recurring billing and automated renewals, even if you have multiple pricing models, to extend your average subscription lifecycle and increase your monthly recurring revenue. Here are just some of the ways you’ll benefit from using 360SB to manage your subscription plans, subscription invoices, automatic billing, customer payments, and more:

Convenience Meets Choice

Customers crave convenience and variety. 360 Subscription Billing empowers you to meet their expectations while ensuring long-term customer loyalty. This cloud-based solution isn’t just about manual billing; it’s about automating your billing process and offering customers the options they desire.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Whether you’re offering customer-specific pricing, standard subscription billing, or multiple pricing models, smoother subscription management is the way to improve customer satisfaction. Offering them fewer bumps in their subscription plan means higher satisfaction and lower customer churn, benefiting both the company and the client. They’ll enjoy a pain-free payment process, and you’ll get more secure annual recurring revenue.

Scale Smartly with Automation

Running membership clubs or subscription services requires flexibility and efficiency. NetSuite Subscription Billing using the 360SB connector empowers you to automate recurring billing, freeing up time and resources for your team. Whether you’re managing differing pricing tiers, complex quoting, contract renewals, flexible contract start dates, temporary price adjustments, changing shipment frequencies, or dynamic terms, this integrated solution has you covered.

Unify Your Operations

Imagine seamlessly handling purchasing, accounts payable, inventory management, fulfillment, and ecommerce operations in one integrated platform. With 360 Subscription Billing, you don’t need to imagine anymore. This solution combines the strengths of Salesforce CPQ and NetSuite ERP, with a turnkey Connector to sync your data. Delivering superior experiences to your consumers is no longer a challenge.

Prevent Errors That Hinder Growth

Remove any chance of error with 360SB, which eliminates the need to manually input data related to subscription billing, recurring invoices, contract renewals, and other aspects of your subscription sales. Your team will be more efficient, and your customers will be happier with automated recurring orders that take the hassle out of subscription billing.

Deliver Exceptional Experiences

The key to customer loyalty lies in delivering exceptional recurring experiences. NetSuite Subscription Billing with the 360SB connector ensures that your customers enjoy easy, reliable, and hassle-free interactions with your brand, from regular billing dates to seamless billing and payment of their recurring transactions. Say goodbye to system limitations that hinder your growth. Choose a solution that sets your team up for success.

Industries We Serve:

  • Publishing, Media, and Content: Newsletters, Copywriting Services, Paid Content, Video, News Subscription Services, Digital Magazines, Stock Photography, Gaming, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and more!
  • Consumer Membership Clubs – Food, Beverage, and Gift: Wine, Beer, Cheese, Fruit, Gift Boxes, Chocolates, Coffee and Tea, Meats, Cigars, Desserts, Snacks, Candy, Soup, Bread, Spices, Collectibles, and more!
  • Fitness & Exercise: Fitness Clubs, Gyms, Yoga Studios, Activewear, Digital Training and Workout, Exercise Videos, Weight Loss, Activity Monitoring, and more!
  • Health, Beauty & Wellness: Personal Hygiene, Beauty Boxes, Shaving, Vitamins, Makeup, Self-Care, Dietary Supplements, Air and Water Filtration, and more!
  • Pet Supplies and Services: Prescription Medications, Toys, Treats, Chews, Insurance, Veterinary Care, Boarding, and more!

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