How We Work in Your Donor Management Process

360 Subscription Billing plugs into existing donation management software and donor management software to make managing donors, donor communications, and collecting donations easier than ever. How we work:

  • NetSuite integration: 360 Subscription Billing enhances NetSuite’s accounting software functionality for nonprofit organizations, streamlining vital but time-consuming tasks like generating tax receipts and donor interactions (emails, thank you notes, etc.).
  • Salesforce integration: If you’re already using Salesforce as a donor CRM for donor management, 360 Subscription Billing works seamlessly with this technology to help you manage donors, close donor prospects, and record and manage donation history.

360 Subscription Billing’s donation management solution can help your nonprofit organization:

  • collect donations
  • track donation data
  • generate email receipts
  • automate tax receipts
  • and more

Since we plug into existing donor management software, your donation and donor data will remain centralized. No transferring donor information between donor management tools, no piecing together your fundraising data from multiple platforms. All your data in one system to track donations and track supporter relationships with automation potential to boost fundraising.

How This Helps Your Fundraising Efforts

Automate key tasks through your donor management platform and manage comprehensive donor data. With less time going to manage donors through manual efforts, you’ll free up hours for critical headcounts to focus more on fundraising efforts and generating more donations. They’ll also get more time to develop personal relationships that can turn into recurring donors.

While it’s vital for your organization to collect donations, a streamlined payment system for online donations is also critical for your donors. A painful donation process can mean lapsed donors, and we know how crucial even a few hundred dollars are to your efforts.

Elevate Your Nonprofit’s Impact with 360 Subscription Billing

In the world of nonprofits, efficiency and transparency are not just desirable – they are essential. 360 Subscription Billing has emerged as a game-changer for nonprofits, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline donation management, automate invoicing and collections, enhance donor engagement, and provide real-time financial insights. Moreover, its focus on security and compliance helps to ensure donor retention, while its cost-efficiency maximizes the impact of funds.

Unlocking Sustainability:
The Benefits of Subscription
Billing for Nonprofits

Streamlined Billing Processes

With 360 Subscription Billing, nonprofit organizations can automate the recurring donation and renewal processes, streamlining future donations to boost donor retention. With our help, you can also save time on your donor management by eliminating manual reminders and tedious administrative tasks. Customizable templates ensure you can still personalize donor outreach for your brand and mission to cultivate donor relationships but save time that can go toward further fundraising efforts.

Financial Transparency

Access real-time data on your nonprofit’s financial health, helping you make informed decisions and adapt to changing circumstances. Generate custom data reports to track your financial performance and share key metrics with stakeholders and donors.

Enhanced Donor Engagement

Engage donors more effectively with our powerful donor management software, leading to higher retention rates and increased lifetime value for your nonprofit. Easily enhance your donor relationships by tailoring your donor communications, sending personalized thank-you notes, updates on fundraising campaigns, and impact reports.


By streamlining operations and automating financial processes, 360 Subscription Billing’s donation management software helps nonprofits cut overhead expenses. It also offers scalability, ensuring that as your nonprofit grows, the system can grow with you, maximizing the impact of your funds. Since the system scales with you, there’s no migrating your donor database to a new donor management system.

Security and Compliance

Donor trust is paramount for nonprofits, and 360 Subscription Billing takes security seriously. Our app ensures secure payment processing through donation management software, safeguarding both donor data and data from the nonprofit organizations using the management software.

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