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Together, we can expand what companies can achieve with the best in breed cloud business platforms. Together, we can achieve more. 

360 Subscription Billing allows companies to extend the value of their Salesforce CRM/CPQ directly into their NetSuite ERP/Financials, allowing a seamless flow of information from quoting in CRM to processing orders in ERP. 

Our Partner Program allows you to extend your Salesforce and/or NetSuite sales success with a native, on-platform solution that helps your clients achieve greater levels of automation and capability.

Why join the Partner Program? 

  • By partnering with 360 Cloud Apps, you can leverage the power of the only native integration solution on the market to automate the complexity of Salesforce CPQ-to-NetSuite subscription-based selling.
  • Subscription-based companies build, debug, and maintain frustrating custom solutions to meet this need. By introducing 360 Subscription Billing, you help clients simplify processes, reallocate resources, and scale their growth — and earn commission for every referral you sell.
  • 360 provides you with the consulting, sales, training, customization, and support services you need to succeed. In return, you gain a new revenue stream and a new sales tool to achieve more Salesforce and/or NetSuite license sales.

The Benefits of Partnership


revenue streams graphic

Generate new revenue streams


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Deliver innovative solutions


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Win More Deals

Type of Partnership Programs


Referral Sales Partner 

Referral Sales Partners may earn commission based on the submission of qualified leads that result in new software license sales of the 360 Subscription Billing solution. 

Sales and Service Partner 

Partners can also expand their revenue potential with 360SB by becoming enabled to service and support the solution in NetSuite and/or Salesforce.  This lets you fully own the relationship and even more of the related revenue!





Packaging the simplicity of automating complex subscription billing helps you win more with your NetSuite prospects. Show existing clients how they can extend the power of NetSuite with subscription automation for their customers.


  • Earn client confidence by leveraging a partnership with the longest-tenured and most experienced NetSuite subscription billing solution and delivery team.
  • Gain robust sales and training support from 360 to position your sales team for a stronger pitch.
  • Earn more NetSuite services revenue stream by implementing and supporting 360 Subscription Billing within your NetSuite client and prospect portfolio.
  • Earn recurring sales commission revenue simply by referring sales from within your existing NetSuite client and prospect portfolio, all via a native app.
  • Other solutions limit the ability to sell inventory, devices, or hardware subscriptions or combine recurring items on the same source transaction. 360 Subscription Billing removes those limitations and eliminates complexity — reducing frustration for customers exploring alternative solutions. 


Your Salesforce clients may be looking to build upon the benefits of the leading CRM/CPQ platform by investing in the leading cloud ERP solution, NetSuite.

Partnering with 360 allows you to offer the native cross-platform solution that strengthens the benefits of each software for a seamless lead-to-cash process, opening up your value add to be more than just Salesforce!

  • Win more Salesforce CPQ deals and drive more user licenses from clients who want to may prefer it over NetSuite CRM, but want to keep using NetSuite ERP/Financials.
  • Help companies using NetSuite or other CRM/CPQ to easily switch to Salesforce CPQ for their lead-to-quote processes while letting NetSuite keep doing what it does best from order-to-cash and revenue recognition.
  • Provide clients peace of mind with a leading integrator. Unlike any other NetSuite-based solution, 360 Subscription Billing has extremely high parity with Salesforce CPQ operations.
  • Earn a recurring revenue stream through sales commission for referral sales within your existing Salesforce client and prospect portfolio.
  • Opportunity to add more Salesforce services revenue by implementing and supporting 360 Subscription Billing to extend Salesforce CPQ with your clients and prospects.



What Our Partners Say

360 Subscription Billing has been a tremendous tool for our clients who have recurring billing requirements. The software has robust features and functionality for complex billing use cases. Rapid Cloud Partners has implemented this solution with multiple clients with highly automated billing processes, resulting in several satisfied customers! 

– Gayle Nelson, Founder & President of Rapid Cloud Partners, Inc.


How to Become a Partner: 

Partner Registration Process

Apply to the program

Reach out and fill out our simple application. 

Get approved, agree on terms

Let’s set business terms and conditions that work for your company’s expertise.

Become a partner

360 provides the sales, training, customization, and support that helps you grow your revenue.



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