Enhance & Connect Salesforce CPQ with NetSuite ERP & Financials

Your sales team focuses on finding, quoting, winning, growing and sustaining subscription contracts – 360 Subscription Billing helps them connect with operations and accounting teams in NetSuite where shipping, billing, payments and revenue-based financial are happening.

By extending Salesforce CPQ with 360 Subscription Billing, you can do more with Contracts and Subscriptions: increase visibility to recurring revenue metrics or ERP transactions, manage individual subscriptions at a deeper level, control how invoices/payments are consolidated together, etc.

Install & Align instead of Build & Maintain

360 Subscription Billing is continually adding new features and improvements to help optimize things in NetSuite, and has been doing so for over a decade. While it may be tempting to try your own custom build in Salesforce CPQ, why try to “reinvent the wheel”? Keep in mind that you will also need to continuously need to maintain a custom build on your own. You already trust Salesforce and NetSuite for cloud CRM & ERP environment management, but maintaining custom work is at your own risk. Why not let 360 do the same for you?

How’s that for convenience?

Saleforce CPQ + NetSuite
Subscription Billing
made easier

Recurring Revenue Metrics

Get actual Recurring Revenue metrics from NetSuite – synced with Salesforce contracts and subscriptions!

Related ERP Transactions

Salesforce Support and Sales teams often need visibility to ERP transactions – 360SB links them up to related Contracts & Subscriptions.

Consolidate or Split Billing Subscriptions

Control how subscription charges are consolidated together or split apart for billing from NetSuite – starting in Salesforce.

Subscription Terms

360SB works with NetSuite item fulfillments to dynamically update related subscriptions – then you can sync those changes back to Salesforce.360SB works with NetSuite item fulfillments to dynamically update related subscriptions – then you can sync those changes back to Salesforce.

Price/Product Amendments

Ensure that Price & Product change amendments are properly related and processed for downstream billing, proration, credits due back and revenue recognition.

Expansion & Customization

360 Subscription Billing is built to grow. An easily expandable and customizable platform that fits your specific business process requirements today and in the future.

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