NetSuite and Salesforce Integration for Feature Enhancement

Your sales team focuses on finding, quoting, winning, growing and sustaining subscription contracts—360 Subscription Billing helps them connect with operations and accounting teams in NetSuite where shipping, billing, payment, and revenue-based financial data is held.

By extending your NetSuite Salesforce integration with 360 Subscription Billing, you can do more with Contracts and Subscriptions: increase visibility to recurring revenue metrics or ERP transactions, manage individual subscriptions at a deeper level, control how invoices/payments are consolidated together, and much more. Your finance and sales teams have never been more in sync.

Install & Align instead of Build & Maintain

360 Subscription Billing is continually adding new features and improvements to help optimize your operations in NetSuite, and has been doing so for over a decade. While it may be tempting to try your own custom build in Salesforce CPQ, you’ll save substantial time, money, and resources when you integrate NetSuite and extend functionality with 360 Subscription Billing.

Keep in mind that you will also continuously need to maintain a custom build on your own. You already trust Salesforce and NetSuite for cloud CRM & ERP environment management, but maintaining custom work is at your own risk.

Instead, let 360 Subscription Billing show you how powerful a NetSuite Salesforce integration can be for aligning your sales team and business operations. There’s no need for separate web services when we can support you through a Salesforce integration with NetSuite, help with data integration and data accuracy, and provide ongoing support for your data tracking and data flow with our team of experts.

Why Syncing Matters

Integrating NetSuite and Salesforce can be a game-changer for businesses, particularly when optimizing the synchronization of sales and financial data. A NetSuite Salesforce integration creates a seamless flow of information between two critical departments, offering a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it enhances visibility into the customer journey, from lead generation to sales conversion and ongoing financial transactions. This comprehensive view enables teams to make data-driven decisions, identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling, and refine sales strategies based on real-time insights.

Moreover, the NetSuite Salesforce integration streamlines workflows and eliminates manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and saving precious time. Finance teams can access up-to-date sales data instantly, ensuring accurate revenue recognition, billing, and financial reporting. This improved data accuracy enhances financial transparency and enables forecasting and data tracking, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

Saleforce CPQ +
NetSuite Subscription Billing
made easier

Recurring Revenue Metrics

Get actual Recurring Revenue metrics from NetSuite – synced with Salesforce contracts and subscriptions!

Related ERP Transactions

Salesforce Support and Sales teams often need visibility to ERP transactions – 360SB links them up to related Contracts & Subscriptions so the two systems speak the same language.

Consolidate or Split Billing Subscriptions

Give your sales and finance teams the flexibility they need for account management. They can control how subscription charges are consolidated together or split apart for billing from NetSuite – starting in Salesforce.

Subscription Terms

360SB works with NetSuite item fulfillments to dynamically update related subscriptions – then you can sync those changes back to the Salesforce platform, ensuring you have reliable data everywhere.

Price/Product Amendments

Ensure that Price & Product change amendments are properly related and processed for downstream billing, proration, credits due back, and revenue recognition.

Expansion & Customization

360 Subscription Billing is built to grow. An easily expandable and customizable platform sitting on top of your NetSuite Salesforce integration that fits your specific business process requirements today and in the future.

360 Subscription Billing Connector for Salesforce CPQ & CRM

Put an end to manual data entry and reporting variances between Salesforce CRM and NetSuite with the 360 Subscription Billing Connector. This pre-built, configurable connector has everything you need to sync subscription data through your NetSuite Salesforce integration—right out of the box!

Perfecting Subscription Data Flow Between Salesforce and NetSuite

A rapid quote to cash process may be valuable for your business, but it will strain your systems if they’re not integrated. A NetSuite Salesforce integration is an increasingly popular choice, but connecting the two can be the hardest part. 360SB Connector helps you to maximize your CRM & ERP investments so that your customer relationship management—from closing to servicing—happens faster than ever before.

Your IT organization has enough on its hands with managing systems and users across both Salesforce and NetSuite. Take a load off of their plate by buying instead of building a NetSuite Salesforce integration with the 360SB Connector! 360SB augments your team by hosting, connecting, configuring, customizing, implementing, managing, and maintaining the integration for you.

Save Time & Money On Your Netsuite Salesforce Integration

Using NetSuite accounting software for inventory management and the tracking and managing of sales orders is a go-to for finance teams across the country for good reason. But your sales team needs a robust CRM solution for customer relationship management, marketing automation, and lead management, where is where Salesforce shines. But using both without connecting them is a recipe for organizational silos that ultimately complicate your sales to billing pipeline.

A Netsuite Salesforce integration is a no-brainer because it allows data transfer between a best-in-class ERP and CRM. Tackling these complex integrations with internal builds just isn’t the way to go. There’s no time to waste when we’re talking about enhancing your customer relationships and financial performance. Integrating Salesforce with NetSuite isn’t easy when you go it alone, but it can be a breeze when you use the 360SB Connector.

Here’s what you’ll get when you use the 360SB Connector to facilitate and enhance your Netsuite Salesforce integration:

  • Data integration between NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM & CPQ
  • Multiple systems with vital information fully synced
  • No struggling with multiple data sources because 360SB handles it all
  • Better alignment between sales and finance teams
  • Integrate NetSuite and Salesforce data for holistic business strategy
  • Empower your finance team to make informed decisions based on sales processes and sales data

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