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“The new multi-queue billing feature increased Keap’s billing capacity by 3X. The reduced processing time and increased capacity allows the business to have more time to focus on analysis and strategy.” —Courtney Awe, Business Analyst, Keap

Business Challenge

Keap faced a significant business challenge as it grappled with the limitations of a custom version of the 360 Subscription Billing platform operating within a single script queue in their SuiteCloud instance. As the company underwent substantial month-over-month growth, this setup led to prolonged processing times for daily customer billing and payments. The elongated processing periods began to have cascading effects, impairing Keap’s ability to efficiently handle payments on the subsequent day. The situation necessitated human intervention to monitor the billing process, introducing delays that rippled through their operational workflows. This manual billing process not only hindered the monthly accounting close but also affected the timeliness of financial reporting and posed challenges to prudent cash management.

Solution & Benefits

Recognizing the critical need for an enhanced system, 360 Cloud Solutions intervened by modifying the existing single-queue scripting structure, capitalizing on the SuiteCloud feature’s capability to accommodate five parallel queues.

The transition from a single script queue to five parallel queues proved to be transformative. This modification significantly alleviated pain points experienced by Keap, as the billing processing time was materially shortened. The introduction of parallel queues not only expedited the entire billing process but also enhanced its reliability. The new architecture enabled Keap to handle the burgeoning volume of transactions more efficiently, reducing the need for constant human oversight.

As a result of these strategic adjustments, Keap experienced a tangible improvement in operational efficiency. The shortened processing times alleviated the pressure on the next day’s payment processing, ensuring a smoother and more timely financial cycle. The automation introduced by leveraging multiple queues also had a positive impact on the monthly accounting close, eliminating bottlenecks and delays previously caused by manual intervention.

Furthermore, the enhanced billing system facilitated more prudent cash management for Keap. With faster and more reliable billing processes, the company gained greater control over its financial workflows, allowing for more accurate forecasting and strategic decision-making.

In summary, 360 Cloud Solutions’ modification of Keap’s billing system not only addressed the immediate challenges posed by prolonged processing times but also brought about a positive transformation in the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Keap’s financial operations.



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