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Revel Systems Automates Multi-tier Customer Billing & Payment with 360 Subscription Billing for NetSuite


Business Challenge

As Revel Systems, a prominent leader in the point of sale industry, underwent a period of rapid expansion, a significant facet of their growth involved catering to larger, multi-tiered customers. These expansive clients, managing multiple establishments, demanded a streamlined and consolidated billing process. Specifically, they required a singular, comprehensive invoice that encompassed all their individual business locations associated with a shared ‘Bill to’ entity. Simultaneously, it was imperative to maintain the granularity of individual subscription contracts at the lowest level of their customers’ billing hierarchies.

In response to this complex billing challenge posed by their burgeoning client base, Revel Systems sought a solution that would not only accommodate the intricate billing structures but also align seamlessly with their commitment to providing innovative and efficient point-of-sale solutions


In collaboration with 360 Cloud Solutions, Revel Systems undertook the strategic initiative of crafting a bespoke recurring billing solution tailored to their specific needs. Leveraging the capabilities of 360 Subscription Billing, an in-house recurring revenue management software, Revel Systems aimed to meet their intricate billing requirements seamlessly within the NetSuite environment, all the while accommodating the substantial data volume associated with their expanding clientele. This innovative solution not only addressed the complexities of their billing processes but also provided a scalable and efficient framework for managing recurring revenue within the NetSuite ecosystem.

The heart of this tailored solution lies in the meticulous design and integration of 360 Subscription Billing. The platform allowed Revel Systems to execute granular billing operations within NetSuite, providing the flexibility required to manage diverse subscription contracts at a detailed level. The architecture of the solution further supported the processing of large data volumes, ensuring that Revel Systems could efficiently handle the intricacies associated with multi-tiered customers and numerous establishments.

A noteworthy aspect of efficiency introduced by this solution is the ability to pay invoices using a single payment at the parent level while retaining individual invoices separately for each establishment. This not only simplifies the payment reconciliation process but also enhances transparency and accountability in financial transactions.

In essence, Revel Systems, in collaboration with 360 Cloud Solutions, has successfully implemented a sophisticated recurring billing solution. This not only aligns with their commitment to providing innovative point-of-sale solutions but also positions them as a forward-thinking industry leader capable of navigating the complexities of multi-tiered customer billing within the dynamic landscape of the point-of-sale industry.

Products & Services

  • 360 Contract Billing for NetSuite
  • Multi-Tier Customer Billing
  • Consolidated Payment Automation
  • Consolidated Billing Email Automation


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