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360 Subscription Billing Helps Netsertive Scale Their Subscription Managed Services


“360 Cloud Solutions’ Subscription Billing product was built to be flexible which has allowed our team to adjust configurations ourselves as our business grows to support new use cases.” —Catherine Adamson, Systems Administrator, Netsertive


Business Challenge

Netsertive had utilized a combination of manual activities such as memorized transactions, Excel, and monthly imports to manage their contract change and recurring billing processes. They rapidly outgrew these as their customer base, their organization, and the volume of contract changes began to grow rapidly. They needed a solution to establish more scalable and auditable business processes in NetSuite that would support their rapid growth.

Their most pressing need revolved around automation of contract changes or “in-contract actions” such as upsells, downsells, price changes, add-ons, etc. In addition, they also needed a way to unify their sales estimation and contracting process utilizing the NetSuite Customer Center instead of a mix of manual approaches such as paper/fax, email, and EchoSign.


By implementing 360 Subscription Billing, they were able to continue their rapid growth utilizing the existing back-office team plus the automation in NetSuite. They also now have a master contract database for their client base which allows their Sales, Account Management, and Accounting teams to effectively manage these in one place as contract changes occur.

Netsertive also implemented 360 Subscription Billing on their Sales Opportunities and started leveraging NetSuite Customer Center for clients to approve estimates and securely submit payment information online. This allowed them to unify their legacy estimation and contracting approaches to make them more manageable for quickly processing sales orders while also achieving PCI compliance.

“When our team has urgent and important issues arise, the 360 team jumps all over them, even during off-hours. This is why they are such a top-notch service provider.”

—Lyle Henderson, Senior Director of Finance, NetSertive

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