In this product tour, you will experience a pre-recorded webinar where we demonstrate 360 Subscription Billing and VersaPay for NetSuite ERP. If your organization needs NetSuite recurring billing payments to be as automated as possible, this is a winning combination!

Want more details beyond this video?

We begin the session by reviewing the business impacts and value drivers for each SuiteApp solution. also discussed is the additional value you can get by using them together along with NetSuite ERP and financials. Ultimately you will be able to automate NetSuite subscription payments by leveraging the two applications.

360 Subscription Billing extends management capabilities and automates sales to cash transactions entirely within NetSuite’s platform. Of course, one of those areas is a direct link with VersaPay, a leading Suitepayments provider with fully native payment processing integration to NetSuite.

Two common use cases where the two applications come together are:
1. recurring invoicing automated at high volumes, 360 subscription billing will create the invoices and control the payment processing for these invoices leveraging versa pay. This is what we call a pull method, as the payments will be processed externally and then pulled into NetSuite to be automatically applied to the invoices. VersaPay ARC provides an additional external user experience around accounts receivable that lets customers push payments into NetSuite to be applied to specific invoices as well, only in the other direction.

2. Recurring orders, such as replenishment of inventory or other physical products, are often expected to have payment processed and applied before the order is shipped/ fulfilled. 360 subscription billing can automate the creation of these recurring orders as well as the creation and application of customer deposit while working with VersaPay to perform the deposit payment processing. This is a pull-only approach, as the invoice that is ultimately generated would be more of a receipt confirmation of deposit applied following shipment of goods.

We hope you enjoy watching this product tour, and we would like to extend our thanks to VersaPay for many years of partnership and co-developed NetSuite-based applications for our shared customers!

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360SB VersaPay NetSuite SuiteApps Webinar & Product Tour Transcript

Introduction and Opening Remarks

This is 3:45 PM eastern time and thank you for joining us regardless of which time zone you’re coming from. My name’s Ryan Brown. I’m part of the 360 crew here celebrating the twenty years. We’ve had, gosh, over a couple years now, where, 360 Subscription Billing, we’re actually, the sister company of 360 Cloud Solutions. So, it’s my company, but I was, many, many years as a consultant and a PM and whatnot at 360 Cloud Solutions before. Focusing primarily on 360 Subscription Billing, and we have Naomi Marty from Versa Pay with us as well today, Naomi.

Overview of Participants and Event

Perfect. Thanks, Ryan.

And, you know, welcome, like Ryan said, welcome to the 360 Fall Summit, celebrating its twentieth year. I am so glad you guys are here, and hopefully you’ve been learning lots of new things.

I’m Naomi Marty, and I am the partner manager here at Versa pay and have the privilege of managing our 360 Cloud Solutions partnership.

So, I’ll be joining Ryan today and sharing with you, you know, different ways that we can improve your billing and payment experiences and just kind of give you the net sweet nirvana style.

Yeah. Thank you, Naomi. So, we’ve got both solutions here, which for, prior conversation points are managed suite apps in NetSuite. So, we’re going to demo you through them both. And why do we call it? Net suite in Nirvana. That’s kind of a funky weird name.

Automating Billing and Payments in NetSuite

But, you know, really, if I’m, particularly a back-office person, in NetSuite. I want my billing to happen automagically, you know, as I sleep or in the background, and I want my payments to be pulled into NetSuite for what could be a very high volume of recurring invoices that happen automatically in the background. And I want to know that those payments get applied to those invoices, and then I want My customers to be communicated with auto magically very shortly thereafter, saying their invoices did or did not get paid.

And, you know, it could be just a receipt at that point, so to speak. And I’m kind of done. Right? I just manage exceptions or follow-up with those customers that, you know, if payment failed for some reason or they if they have to send us a check or if they have to push us a payment, then, you know, we can make sure that they get that information to remit payment.

Discussion of Topics for the Day

So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. And we will get started. So, I did a little bit introduction already. Going to talk a little bit about NetSuite, depending on where you are on your NetSuite journey.

With your company. So partnering with NetSuite and 360 Subscription Billing and Versa pay, which both have on form components with NetSuite.

I’ll be doing an overview of 360 Subscription Billing. Naomi will do an overview of Versa pay’s many solutions.

And, you know, then we’ll kind of dive into a deeper demo and leave some time for questions and answers at the end.

So we’ve already introduced ourselves.

Introduction to Suite Success and 360 Subscription Billing

Don’t know how many of you have seen this if you’ve been on NetSuite for a long time. This is probably a newer concept NetSuite has this concept called suite success, the stairway model, right, come out of Excel and QuickBooks and establish your financials in NetSuite and then elevate it to do people management planning and budgeting project management, you know, expense management, fixed asset management, all of the great things that NetSuite talks about and all of the great apps and other solutions that you’ve heard about today, you know, maybe, may accompany you. On these steps. So, that’s kind of how we think about 360 Subscription Billing and Versa pay as an overlay to the suite success, stairway model. Now some companies say, I if I’m going to go into NetSuite and really use this thing, I’ve got to have, a more advanced payment processing, application integrated with NetSuite or a more advanced, recurring billing and renewals application in NetSuite. And you can totally do that when you establish, but you can unlock pieces of our solutions as well as you scale. You don’t have to do everything at once.

Integration of 360 Subscription Billing and Versa Pay

So that’s kind of what we’ve got here, right, whether it’s 360 Subscription Billing, for re renewing, billing and renewals to 360 Subscription Billing, controlling, and pulling payments into those invoices that it’s generating automatically and communicating around that out of NetSuite to getting 360 Subscription Billing hooked into your e commerce, your CRM and CPQ particularly if it’s off platform. We have an app for Salesforce that we’ll be talking about more in our September webinar, similar side on the Versa pay, piece.

Features of Versa Pay and Collaboration with 360 Subscription Billing

Naomi will talk about this a little bit later, but just to get us going, you know, their online cash app and PCI compliance, their tokenization of methods is something that you can add at any time. It’s a core part of their offering. They have a suite payments, NetSuite payment processing, suite App, which works seamlessly with 360 Subscription Billing. We’ve co developed our solutions together earlier this year for that piece. And they have a really cool, which I’m just learning about myself and show a little bit today, their arc, their collaborative accounts receivable experience and automation portal, which looks a lot better than NetSuite, I’ll say.

And that it that is outside of it. So that’s kind of how you could overlay these apps and unfurl them, if you will, as you begin to unlock aspects of NetSuite. And, you know, what are the business value points for these solutions with 360 Subscription Billing. I want to scale my back office if I’m a subscription billing, recurring billing company.

Business Value of 360 Subscription Billing

Can hire people to continually push buttons and send invoices, apply credit memos, apply payments, manually send invoices out forever. I need to start automating some of this stuff. Especially because subscriptions build monthly, weekly, in particular. I’ve just got a lot of volume.

Every sale is really exponentially more transactions so the accounts receivable cash flow revenue delays in processing and reporting, that come with that automation or benefits, that you get to realize as well as continuity around your renewals. Right? You don’t want to miss a deal. You can’t bill it because, you know, we were late on the renewal, or somebody missed it.

Benefits of Automation and Continuity in Billing

Particularly if you need to get signature on your renewals like NetSuite, we’ll get from all of you, out there. Right?

Not an auto renewing style of, of business if you want it to auto renew, let it auto renew. That’s something else that can happen all inside of NetSuite.

And, you know, ultimately, you bought NetSuite. You’re investing in NetSuite. Like Craig said earlier this morning for many of you that, were here and remember, we’re all investing in NetSuite. So why does why not just go ahead and do stuff in NetSuite. There’s all kinds of off platform, recurring billing, subscription billing solutions out there, but then you have to bring all that stuff reconciled in NetSuite. Doesn’t really scale at super high volumes, but NetSuite certainly can. If you augment it with 360 Subscription Billing, and, Naomi, maybe I’ll but you speak a bit to the Versa pay, business value ads here.

Value Added by Versa Pay and Integrated Payments

Yeah. Absolutely. So, with the kind of what Ryan had mentioned. We have a seamless integration, right?

So, with that, as you’re capturing as you’re capturing payments, you’re going to be able to really streamline your workflow processes. So maybe you’re accepting payments on the invoices. Maybe it’s on, orders, or maybe it’s on, maybe you’re capturing payments online. Right?

So, we’re going to be able to improve that cash conversion while optimizing all of those costs with that. And then a big part of it, of course, is the PCI compliance piece. Right? So, we can reduce that risk, avoid fraud, and really, keep that.

And that’s something we’ll do all that heavy for you. So that tokenization and encryption is something that’s part of the solution as well.

Yeah. Yeah. You’ll see all of this in the demo coming up as well. Thank you, Naomi.

So, 360 Subscription Billing has been a NetSuite app for almost ten years now. It wasn’t a suite app until about several years ago, but it’s got a lot of history in NetSuite. That’s what we’re going to focus on today. As we mentioned, we’ve got a Salesforce app and a connector based on MuleSoft, that we’re quite proud of, but today we’ll focus on the NetSuite side of things. Why?

Features and History of 360 Subscription Billing

Because that’s where we meet with Versa pay.

And, Versa pay, particularly, one of the products for Versa pay, their ERP payments for NetSuite app, which is formerly known as saw you pay. I know we worked a lot with it for years.

But that’s the piece that allows Net suite and 360 Subscription Billing specifically to even grab a token, that you have in NetSuite with Versa pay and then pull that payment right onto an invoice, apply it, and then, you know, deliver an invoice to, to your customer and customer contacts about that activity.

So, 360 Subscription Billing has a lot of great features. You can read the slot as well as I can. One of the big differences is that it’s manage directly from the native NetSuite sales to cash transactions.

So, I’m not starting anywhere different. And now suite, which, you know, you could do with other offerings in NetSuite, to set up subscriptions and manage the billing. If you already have, let’s say, an opportunity in Salesforce, a quote, in Salesforce that would translate into an order in NetSuite.

You know, a lot of parity with cell force. That’s why we’ve done what we’ve done with our Salesforce app.

And, we also happen to have a lot of other I’d say non order to cash aspects. We’ve got device sites and assets and fulfillment driven terms.

That many companies, particularly in the IoT space, may have a mix of hardware or services or whatnot bundled with, you know, subscriptions. They’re able to do a lot more things in a lot of other process areas in NetSuite ERP, such as, you know, think of serialized device tracking for or I’ve got a device, and it’s powering a, a, you know, a subscription, that I’m being billed for, but that device goes bad, and I need swap it out in the middle of the subscription life cycle where you can track and manage all of that in NetSuite, even though we’re touching ERP processes around returns and shipments and stuff like that related to a subscription instead of just billing. So, a lot of moving parts, to 360 Subscription Billing, Naomi’s going to tell us about all the moving parts of Versa pay.

Challenges in Accounts Receivable and Integrated Payments

Yes. Thanks, Ryan.

So, if we take a look here, you know, from an AR standpoint. So, from an accounts receivable standpoint, I want to share with you, you know, some of those more common challenges that we’re seeing today with the digital payments that I’m pretty sure a lot of you can probably relate to. So, when we think of, let’s say the manual entry, maybe that’s causing human errors, right? And all of that can lead to inaccurate or even missing data.

Or maybe you’re doing that manual reconciliation, right? Think of all of the time involved with having to do that or maybe you’re just using multiple systems, right, to process those transactions. And with that, there’s just that lack of communication or lack of reporting, or maybe, you know, your data is here or there and everywhere.

And then, of course, another big piece of that like we had mentioned earlier is going to be, just the risk of fraud and maintaining that PCI compliance. So With our integrated payments, what we’re going to do is we’re taking all of that heavy lifting for you.

And we’re doing that on your behalf. So can you imagine not having to, like, manually reconcile and maybe you’re saving what three, four hours a day, right, having to do that, and you could do something a little bit more productive.

And so the other thing is your customers are going to thank you for this. So, this is going to greatly improve the customer experience. So, you’re going to improve that cash conversion by receiving those payments quicker.

Not only are you going to receive it quicker, but you’re doing so in a secure manner. So, the PCI compliance really is going to help you and your customers, and it provides that secure way to process those online orders from the shopping cart to cash. And then all of that sensitive credit card data, again, is tokenized and encrypted on your behalf.

Alright. So, if you want to go ahead and move to the next slide, there we go. Thank you.

Merchant Services and Expanded Functionality

Alright. So Ryan touched a little bit about the merchant services piece. So to pay not only do we have the integrated payments, right, which is like the software technology side, but we also provide the merchant services as well. So there’s a few different benefits to you guys as our customer on doing that. So having this under that one umbrella, is going to allow us to provide a great customer service experience. So let’s say if there is anything that should happen to go wrong, we’re going to have visibility to see those transaction all the way from its when it’s very when it’s captured right at that very beginning all the way through the end of processing.

So we do accept everything from, like, credit and debit cards, both card present and card not present transactions. You’ve got your checks, ACH payments.

And then once those payments are collected, all of that reconciliation data is automatically flowing back into NetSuite.

We also do provide It’s called level two and level three data.

And high level, what that means to you guys is we’re capturing more details on those transactions, which is considered less risk. So that’s going to allow us to provide you with just way more competitive processing rates. And on average, we’re seeing a savings about fifteen to twenty percent.

One other piece, you know, that I would like to mention, Ryan, I I think if you go to the next slide, maybe if are we missing one side in there?

Yeah. So I’m just going to kind of touch base a little bit.

Ryan had kind of mentioned our collaborative AR solution.

And really what it is, it’s where we are able to provide you guys the ability to expand your functionality as your business grows. Right? So maybe you just need that payment integration and or the capturing of those payments.

Or we’ve got the pay now page, right, which is just a light customer portal. But as you’re growing, maybe you need a fuller customer portal. So we have that all the way up through what’s called the supply portal. So that’s going to give you guys the collaboration in terms of being able to really streamline all of those processes and give you guys your customers that self serve twenty four seven opportunity where they can view invoices, view their history, make payments. Maybe they want auto pay. You’re going to be able to really manage all of that right through the collaborative AR.

So, basically, high level, what we’re doing is we’re giving you guys the ability to really span as needed as your business grows.

Perfect. You can Go ahead on to the next slide. Right? Thank you.

Technical Issue and Q&A

I do see a question in the chat, but be a bit technical, but I believe they have the ERP payments for NetSuite App already, and they get a ref number back on a payment. So if they use that ref number and refund, is there a receding, step or process plan for Versa pay was the question.

For, like, a receipt for, hey, I got this payment. Here’s your receipt.

Okay. And, you know, I think at this point, I would have to double check the roadmap to see if it’s something that that’s on there. And I can circle back to you, Andrew.

And I’ll let you know.

Andrew Hogan with, Deever, right? Mission golf course?

Yep. Got it. Thank you.


Very good. Well, sorry about the audio issue. Let’s dive right into demonstration, and we’re going to talk first here about what you’ve got in NetSuite, out of the box. So, in NetSuite from a sales to cash as I mentioned earlier, 360 Subscription Billing works right off of this.

So, you can have opportunities quotes. You can have those in another system. Going to be commerce, you can have that in another system. Ultimately, you’re bringing in an order.

You may be shipping or activating something on that order. Maybe a subscription may be hardware services, but you’re going to invoice that order, collect payment, apply payment, deliver, you know, you can set up a billing schedule to continue to build that order over whatever term you want and continue to apply payment and invoice your customers for, you know, with the payment applied or not. If you have usage-based charges, you’re bringing those in usually to some of those invoices or to a separate invoice. So that’s what you’ve got with NetSuite out of the box and what 360 Subscription Billing adds in the green that just popped on here, and Versa Pay adds with their ER payments for NetSuite suite app, is, you know, Upstream, the concept of add ons, upsells, down sells, and price changes.

Contract Actions and Sales Transactions

We call those in contract actions in three subscription billing, but that’s integrated in your sales transactions. We’ve got what’s called a contract and a contract line that represents the, the things, the subscriptions, the recurring charges, or even recurring inventory. If you’re, you know, shipping out a new air filter every month, quarter or year, you know, via another sales order to be fulfilled. If it’s recurring and you want it to be automated, then we’ve got the green down here.

You can bring in usage right to those contracts as well, automatic, crediting auto application of credit, memos to invoices during invoicing. So that it processes the right amount, after the credit, through Aversa pay. And what, one of the big reasons were presenting our solutions together today is you could use each one separately if you want.

Power of Using Solutions Together

They’re very powerful together because we’ve co developed them together for this right side where you’re literally able to get 360 Subscription Billing to create thousands, hun you know, tens, hundreds of thousands of invoices every day in the morning, and you want to immediately turn around if you have due on receipt terms, at least, and just pull payments to the token that verse you’ve stored through Versa pay on your customer for this contract, so it can do that. And then it’ll deliver those emails after that payment has been applied or failed, and they know they have a balance due.

They need to go into VersaPay portal or your NetSuite customer portal and update their payment method. So, You know, that’s extremely powerful. And for most of our clients with very high volume, recurring invoicing. They want all that stuff to happen fast.

Right? They want that cash flow.

And Versa Pay and 360 Subscription Billing can do all that inside of NetSuite. As Naomi mentioned as well, there is the arc counts receivable portal that Versa pay has, that is super powerful and beautiful, I might add. And they can log into that, and you know, very creatively push payments to NetSuite invoices.

So, we’ll be showing that a little bit here as well in the upcoming demo.

Installing 360 Subscription Billing in NetSuite

And most, if not all of you know what NetSuite looks like, this is NetSuite inside NetSuite when you install 360 Subscription Billing. You get a menu of things to, look at common records that you’ll utilize, a way to configure it and invoicing interface, some, you know, pre built KPIs saved searches workbooks and whatnot that you could throw on a dashboard like this. And when you get the Versa Pay suite app, and I believe this is the ERP payments for Versa pay app.

Configuring the Versa Pay Suite App

This you’ll see that menu. You can configure it. And that will allow you to, on your customers, automatically get payment tokens, through the VersaPay portal. They can go in.

They can enter as Naomi mentioned earlier. It’s a wonderful thing for security. Their payment methods securely into the Versa Pay portal. Your NetSuite and your company never touches it.

Just get a token in here with the requisite information. And if it’s the default token, then you can tell 360 Subscription Billing to grab this Versa pay credit card token or this Versa pay ACH token, and that’ll all be secured, for your customers in NetSuite. Right next to this, I’ve got a contract. So you could see this customer has a contract it’s going to be paid from whatever the default versus pay credit card token is on there.

Contract and Payment Method Configuration

360 Subscription Billing also lets you flag individual contacts to receive invoices that will get automatically emailed. We talked about that in the flow chart earlier. Right? I want all of this stuff to happen Parts of services as a line here as well.

Managing Customer-Level Activities

But we’re just talking about a sales order for this customer that we have Versa Pay payment token put against that they could have put into the versa pay portal?

And, we talked about contacts that can be flagged to receive invoices ultimately later.

But I’m managing everything at the customer level here, and Versa pay and 360 Subscription Billing, can work together, particularly Versa pay in the portal to allow your customers to come in and update those payment methods.

Subscription and Invoicing Details

Quite easily. This sales order was placed for a twelve month, or a twelve month, subscription that’s going to auto renew at the end. And, you know, five hundred dollars of one time project management services. So, you know, that could be an inventory item that can be any mix of things, that you want with 360 Subscription Billing, you know, 360 Subscription Billing will just help you bill it and rev rec it and, control payment of it as much as we can.

But you can see it was fulfilled in August first that could set the start date as well if you, think that a shipment now begins your billing and revenue You can do that. And ultimately, this invoice can be generated, for the six hundred dollars, the five hundred dollars upfront, the first month of the recurring billing. And you can see this one’s paid in full. So that can go out automatically.

Automated Invoicing and Payment Processing

With an amount due of zero because in this case, we had that token. We had that Versa pay credit card flagged on the related contract for this, and you can see that payment went through the saw you pay payment processing profile, and here’s that reference number. By the way, Naomi, that Andrew was asking about earlier, I think this is probably a fake one.

Because it’s not a real payment, but, that’s what I think he’s probably wondering if there’s a receipt, referencing that number going back around, but Right. Exactly. Yep. And I’ll find that on.

Handling Payment Failures

That is the beginning of to go back to the flow chart know, that’s kind of the only thing that I could optionally do manually in NetSuite. I’ve booked it. I’ve shipped it. I’ve kicked off the billing from here on 360 Subscription Billings and I’ll automate my recurring billing and continue to pull if I have a token in NetSuite payments right in and apply them to invoices before it sends the email to customers.

Otherwise, we can also show ARC, as well. If that payment fails. So here’s this contract that’s a part of 360 Subscription Billing in that suite that’s rolling up my you know, monthly annual values, tell me how much is billed to date. In this case, I can see it’s already billed through October, of this year, and it’s also set up to auto email transactions and pay via that verse to pay credit card.

Contract Overview and Transactions

This is a what we call a contract line. I can have tens of thousands of these in a contract. Ultimately, these things will become consolidated for invoicing.

You can also see all of the transactions related to this contract from the, this tab. So I can see the order that it came in on, the fulfillment that had activated or shipped on that first invoice and payment had the one timer with the recurring and then some more recurring that happens here so I can drill up to this invoice. This happens again, early in the morning automatically. This is for the next month.

Automated Invoice Generation

In September, it was automatically paid. So you know, not too much to say here. It’s just a simpler version of my first invoice only now. It’s fully automated out of NetSuite, here again, is that payment with the saw you pay processor from that token, with a ref number.

And, you know, it could look, it  looks like that. So the next month Let’s pretend that, the credit card fails or something goes wrong, payments no longer going through. It might be a surprise to the customer as well.

Dealing with Payment Failures

In this case, I have an amount due of a hundred dollars. So, you know, you can make your advanced PDF layout in NetSuite smart enough to know that, hey, if my amount due is anything other than zero, stick this button down here, which is a Versa pay button. That their app provides. And you can click this button because now I have an amount due instead of a receipt on the invoice for an automatically process and apply payment.

And this is, what that could go to. Something that looks like this, obviously, would be your logo, but they can come in here and now enter a new payment method right on this invoice and pay whatever balance on that invoice they so choose. And, that will go right into Versa pay and go right up to their customer account automatically as well, right, Naomi, because of the ERP payment suite app, even if they do it in this method.

Interaction with Versa Pay’s ARC Portal

Yes. That is correct.

Really cool. Right? So that at this point, they’ve never had to log into a portal. They just had to, you know, click a button on an invoice that they got, right, because their payment failed. So they can quickly rectify that, and then everybody goes back to the happy world of automated billing and payments.

Alternatively on that invoice email, and I we did auto email these. So let me show you You know, you’ll see that in the communications tab of the email, and, you know, this PDF is going to be there as well that we talked about, but you could make the message say anything you want. And I didn’t do it in this, example, but I could have a link to, you know, Versa Pays Beautiful, ARC, and they could log in to the AC. And when they get into the ARC, they see this.

It’s a completely different user interface, not NetSuite. Right? They but yet it has all the information from that suite, and they can see all of their invoices that are outstanding in that they’ve paid. They can ask questions about them and interact with your company through the ARC, with Versipay they can have, you know, a question about this invoice in this example.

They can click on it, view it, you know, dive into it.

Customer Interaction and Payment Processing

They can get down to the line level, you know, see every little nitty gritty piece automatically pulled in from NetSuite. And then when they want to pay for this, in other words, push the payment rather than have 360 Subscription Billing and NetSuite pull the payment into NetSuite automatically.

They can tell you about it, especially if they’re going to partial pay you for something. So in this example, they’re going to leave a comment here at the bottom. That your team can be notified and see. They’ll say that, line item two was damaged. So they’re going to partial pay for this one.

You know, they can go into this interface now, select the bank, select their payment method, again, Versa pays handling, managing all the stuff like Naomi was talking about earlier, and they can pay for one invoice, multiple invoices at the same time right in here in this beautiful portal. They can even note that there’s a partial payment. For one of these because line item two was damaged. Right? So your team can go in and issue a credit memo or however you feel is the appropriate way to handle that. Maybe ship them a new one and ask them to pay that prior invoice.

But you get all of this interaction through Versa pay’s ARC portal, which is seamlessly, again, integrated with NetSuite.

Payment Completion and Confirmation

So, you know, they select the payment method, and they click continue, complete the payment.

And just like that, they’re they’re done. They do have that payment number here. This is the same one that’s integrated back to the payment in NetSuite. So your team sees it in the ERP in the in your financial system, the the customer gets that immediate confirmation reference number of the payment as well.

And that’s what, mister Hogan had asked about earlier. So, other than somebody, dealing with, the line item that was broken when they received and, you know, the short pay of that, first a pay has done it all here and, integrated it all back into suite. And hopefully, given your accounting team, as Naomi mentioned earlier, precious hours back in their day, by systematizing all of the stuff and automating it. For you.

Summary of Versa Pay and 360 Subscription Billing

So that’s the wonderful arc.

And with that, I believe, we’re despite audio, issues, we’re into the question and answer portion.

If anybody says, well, what did you say for that five-minute period where our audio was gone? I’ll be glad to circle back.

Anything, folks on the online want to type in for questions?

Question and Answer Session

Oh, Ryan, one thing that I just want I want to circle back on Andrew’s question that he had in regards to the receipt on, on the reference piece of it. So there’s really a couple different ways that you can get some sort of refund. So one is going to be through NetSuite, and then the other is going to be through the gateway itself. And typically what we usually recommend, the receipts that we’ve we recommend that the receipts are actually done through the net suite side due to, I guess, there there’s a few different reasons, but formatting and then just possible customization would be another reason. So this would be something we might want to look into the NetSuite setup to make happen.

Andrew, feel free to chat us if that sufficiently answers your question. Thank you.

And I’ll also email you, Andrew. I have your email too, so we can continue to communicate further on this if need be.

Discussion on Refunds and Receipts

Lee Patterson asks, is it possible to add convenience fees to CC payments credit card fees?

So and I believe what you’re referencing is surcharging.

And, yes, we do support surcharging. There’s a lot of rules and different guidelines that we are that we have to stick to with that. But, yes, it is, is something we do support.


If you can get away with it.

His Versa integrated with Sweet Commerce Advanced.

Integration with Suite Commerce Advanced

Did you hear that one, Naomi?

Because I did. When you say the suite, you said the suite So the commerce advance if they go on sweet commerce advance and have online shopping cart.

Yes. And they’ve been, pay the emergency. It’s been a customer checkout.

Yeah. If, like, the or they want to, you know, put a deposit down or something before the ultimate amount is invoiced.

I’m I I’m sure it’s possible.

Yeah. We do have an in e commerce piece of it as well. So, so, yeah, basically, if you’re accepting payments online, which this sounds like it is. Yes. We do support that.

Accepting Payments Online

Yeah. I’m sure it’s possible because even if you have off platform CRM CPQ Salesforce commerce is an example. You can have those call out diversify versus pay grabs the payment method tokenizes it, and it pops it into NetSuite. Right? They just proceed in your external system, that external system pops the order, and it says, Hey, they’ve already paid for X out of the Y, and the NetSuite just processes the rest. But you’ve got that payment method in NetSuite through Versa. Right.


Without having to touch it or deal with it by dealing yourself.

Okay. Well, I know it’s getting later in the day, East Coast time. You folks are pretty quiet.

Closing Remarks and Feedback

If it’s a little bit longer, you folks out west. I know it’s lunchtime, so or just past lunchtime.

If you want a fresh recording without any audio issues, feel free to request You know, me, I’m sure we can put the band back together for one more show. That’s a cleaner gig.

We can set up some follow-up discussions and discovery for your particular company. If you have some other questions, you don’t want to surface necessarily today.

I’d love to get your pricing and all this stuff, and if you want a fully custom demo, then that’s something we do as well.

We hope that you guys automate as much as possible with us. So, thank you so much.

Feedback Request

I believe you’re going to be receiving a survey in your email box shortly, whether it’s today or tomorrow or shortly, after this. So, we would appreciate your comments again, please provide some feedback for us.

There’s Brian. Brian, I was just telling him about the survey we’re going to be doing. Expect that on some feedback. Did you have any other last closing comments? No. We’ll see you next time.

Next Event Announcement

Great. So, we’ll see you in the spring, for the spring summit. Thank you so much everybody.