Report, manage, & automate NetSuite subscription billing

Your sales team focuses on winning contracts—360 Subscription Billing helps you manage them and automate related recurring NetSuite transactions. This makes managing subscriptions easier than ever and supports many different contract scenarios, allowing you to serve your customers without the limits of other solutions.

360 Subscription Billing automates recurring invoices, electronic payments, credit memos, renewals and other recurring transactions directly within NetSuite.  It also provides SOX-compliant tools for temporary price adjustments, subscription changes, usage charges, revenue synchronization, sites and device tracking, and more.

Get a head start on your subscription sales to cash process

As a Native SuiteApp, 360 Subscription Billing lets you manage the subscription lifecycle directly from NetSuite transactions—opportunities, estimates, sales orders, fulfillments, invoices, credits, payments, and revenue. Seamless automation of recurring CRM- and ERP-based transactions, easily integrated with external systems, and the ability to process subscription and non-subscription items on the same transactions makes 360 Subscription Billing the best choice for a growing business.

How’s that for convenience?

subscription billing
made easier

High Volume Processing

Don’t let same-day invoicing and payment processing slow you down. 360 Subscription Billing can process over 300,000 records in a single execution.

Electronic Payments

Automate electronic payments for your subscription invoices to ensure your process is transparent, easy, secure, and compliant—all within NetSuite.

Automated Communications

Keep your customers in the know. Designate which contacts should receive recurring invoices and notifications via email and 360 Subscription Billing does the rest!

Automated Revenue Recognition

360 Subscription Billing provides unparalleled flexibility in a normally rigid area. The seamless integration with NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management means no more wasting time synchronizing accounting processes and data.

Easy & Compliant Subscription Changes

Change is easy with 360 Subscription Billing. Whether an annual CPI rate increase, a temporary promotion, or an upsell to increase MRR/ARR, 360 Subscription Billing provides tools to get changes entered and automated—quickly.

Flexible Billing Terms

Your customer’s wish is your command with flexible contract start dates, billing dates, and end dates. For easier back-end management, 360 Subscription Billing also allows you to co-term contract bill and end dates.

Device, Site, & Asset Tracking

Designed with smart device, SaaS, and managed services companies in mind. Track customer-specific data throughout the subscription lifecycle and provide invoicing detail, provisioning or support linkage, warranty/return claim references, and more!

Fulfillment-Driven Terms

Ensure customers get what they pay for and that bundled elements stay in sync. 360 Subscription Billing automatically syncs NetSuite product or service fulfillments with subscription billing and revenue terms.

Consolidate or Split Invoices

Provide invoices the way your customers want them. Consolidated on one invoice or split out to different entities—360 Subscription Billing lets you configure this contract-by-contract.

Usage Charges & Rating

Include subscription-related usage charges with your contracts and invoices. 360 Subscription Billing provides usage rating by contract to calculate the amount to invoice across quantity tiers.

Easy Renewals

Automated renewals help to increase retention, sustain revenue, and reduce manual administrative labor. Your customers can approve a renewal transaction for an additional term, with new start and end dates, billing frequency, and amount.

Expansion & Customization

360 Subscription Billing is built to grow. An easily expandable and customizable platform that fits your specific business process requirements today and in the future.

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