360 Subscription Billing
Core Product Lines

360SB has three core product lines that you can utilize to rapidly align and integrate subscription transactions across the Salesforce and NetSuite platforms. The Connector product is optional, if you want to connect the systems using your own preferred method.

Subscription Management Software…
Built to Scale!

Get the best out of Salesforce CPQ and NetSuite ERP, all that with a turnkey Connector that prevents the need for building custom automation and integration to get your subscription transactions flowing.

NetSuite-driven Recurring Revenue Metrics

  • Reminders & Dashboard to guide Operations
  • KPIs and Analytics to report on Financials
  • Sync’d to Salesforce Contracts & Subscriptions

CPQ Quote Line Editor - Enhanced

  • Adjust Line-level Billing Frequency
  • Adjust Line-level In-Contract Actions
  • Enhanced Produce, Price & Term Changes
  • NetSuite-ready Line-level Processing

CPQ Subscriptions Driven by NetSuite

  • ERP & Fulfillment driven Dates
  • Visibility to realtime billing values
  • Pause and Re-Activate from either system
  • Subscription-specific Full & Net Recurring Values

NetSuite Contract Transactions in Salesforce

  • Sync’d CPQ Contract related ERP Transactions
  • Full visibility to many related Transaction types
  • Reference Statuses, Amounts, IDs, Document Numbers

Automated High Volume ERP Invoicing, Payment & Delivery

  • Fully automated Recurring Invoicing on schedule
  • Easy to use and integrate Usage Billing & Rating
  • Fully integrated with Advanced Revenue Management
  • Automated Proration & Credit Memo application
  • Easy to use Price Uplift & Escalation + Auto-renewal

Subscription Device, Site, & Asset Tracking

  • Extend your serialized inventory products to your subscriptions with flexible, customizable devices
  • Track subscription-related devices across your Procure to Fulfill, Order to Cash, and Return to Receive processes
  • Track devices with related customer sites and/or assets

Flexible Recurring Billing Controls

  • Process subscription and non-subscription items on the same transactions
  • Provide invoicing detail, provisioning or support linkage, warranty/return claim references, and more
  • Usage rating by contract calculates the amount to invoice across quantity tiers
  • Automatically sync NetSuite product or service fulfillments with subscription billing and revenue terms